Customer learns about Pepper Money debt funding strategy
Customer learns about Pepper Money debt funding strategy

Debt Investors

Our debt strategy

As one of Australia’s most awarded non-bank lenders, we have deep funding expertise from originating loans and raising funds in global capital markets. Our debt funding strategy is structured to provide ongoing, efficient funding to support our growth ambitions. Our funding strategy is underpinned by an ability to adapt to and originate during varying economic and market cycles – all while solving the evolving needs of our loan customers and distribution partners.

Diversity is a key foundation of our debt strategy; gaining stability across multiple financiers, markets, currencies, and funding facilities. 

We’re proud to say that we’ve had a 'Strong' Residential Loan Servicer rating since January 2012 and we’re included on S&P’s Global Select Servicer List. 

Our servicer rating

We’re proud to say that we’ve had a 'Strong' Residential Loan Servicer rating since December 2011 for our non-conforming and prime residential loans. Contact us for a copy of the most recent servicer evaluation report.


Pepper has been built on discovering new ways to finance ambition with a mission to help people succeed.

In line with this mission, Pepper is actively assisting customers to achieve a lower carbon footprint through the construction and purchase of more energy efficient and low carbon homes, funded via accredited “Green Bonds”.

Pepper Money’s Green bond framework is based on the International Capital Market Associations’ Green Bond Principles (GBP).

Since the introduction of programme in 2018, Pepper has assisted families by funding properties that have saved 28.4% in Co2 emissions2.

To find out more about Pepper Money’s Green bond framework including the most recent Annual Review click the links below:

To obtain copies of the Pre-issuance Assurance reviews please contact us.


2As reported in Sustainalytics Annual Review report dated 28 February 2022.

In line with this mission, Pepper Money issued its inaugural Social Bond in June 2022 to help customers access financial services and improve socio-economic advancement.

Pepper Money is seeking to achieve positive social outcomes for a target population of Australians that lack access to essential financial services and experience inequitable access to and lack of control over assets. Pepper Money directly aims to address the positive social outcome of home ownership for borrowers who may have complexity in their income streams, gaps in their loan documentation or have adverse credit history.

Pepper Money has developed a Social Bond Framework to issue Social Bonds. This Framework is aligned to the International Capital Market Associations’ Social Bond Principles (SBP).

To find out more about Pepper Money’s Social Bond Framework click the link below:


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Pepper Money debt offerings are for distribution only to persons who are not a retail client (as defined by section 761G of the Corporations Act 2001 of Australia (“Corporations Act”)) and who are sophisticated investors or professional investors and, in all cases, in such circumstances as may be permitted by applicable law in any jurisdiction which an investor may be located.

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