Customers learn about Pepper Money sustainability policy
Customers learn about Pepper Money sustainability policy

Discover our commitment to sustainability

Our approach to sustainability aligns with our mission: to help people succeed.

This commitment to sustainability is instilled through everything we do; from our interactions with customers and employees, through to our environmental impact on the local communities around us.

Good corporate governance and responsible lending underpin our ability to manage sustainability risks and opportunities. This ethical framework runs through our entire business and is what helps us achieve our mission of helping people succeed. 


What we’re working towards

In 2021 we identified focus areas where we can have the most meaningful positive impact.  

We sought input from institutional investors, brokers and introducers, community partners and our employees. We listened to what they had to say. Surveys and 1:1 interviews allowed us to uncover what matters most and allowed us to benchmark ourselves against industry peers, while reviewing emerging trends.



Pepper Money committed to tackling climate change
From planting trees to innovative ‘green’ financing options, we’re committed to tackling climate change head on. Our Green Bonds are available to institutional investors, and we’ve developed a competitive financing option for electric vehicles; enabling more Australians to embrace the EV revolution.


Responsible Business

Pepper Money Responsible Business
Responsible business practices underpin everything we do. We’ve fostered a culture that values accountability, ethical behaviour and integrity. Underpinned by our code of conduct, this sets the standard for how we interact with our customers, shareholders and stakeholders at all times. 


Community Contribution & Investment

Pepper Money community contribution & investment

Aligned with our purpose to help people succeed, we recognise the importance of supporting our local communities.

We partner with community-based organisations that share our values of diversity and inclusion, which enables us to make a difference in areas of the community that are under-served by traditional means.

Learn more about how we are making a real difference in the community.


Customer Wellbeing

Pepper Money and Customer Wellbeing

We’re committed to doing the right thing for our customers. This means providing innovative lending options that meet their financial needs and reflect responsible lending principles.

Our policies and procedures are designed so customers understand their lending commitments, our decisions and pricing, and have access to the right resources and support when they need it.


Employee engagement & Inclusion

Pepper Money committed to employee engagement & inclusion

Our people are our biggest asset, and our culture of inclusion and diversity is something we’re incredibly proud of. Developing our people and respecting their individuality brings with it increased satisfaction, engagement, and allows us to achieve a high-performance culture.

Learn more about our Diversity Policy and access our latest WGEA report.


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