Pepper enters into an agreement with

Posted: 05-09-2018

Pepper Money has entered into an agreement with Limited to launch a new business called Kogan Money.

Kogan is a leading Australian consumer brand renowned for price leadership through digital efficiency. The company is focused on making in-demand products and services more affordable and accessible.

The agreement will see Pepper Money and Adelaide Bank provide prime, near prime and non-conforming mortgages to Kogan customers. In addition, Pepper Money will act as mortgage manager for the venture, providing credit assessments and acting as servicer for these loans.

“Pepper Money is delighted to be working with on the Kogan Money opportunity. They are a company who clearly anticipates their customer needs and looks for innovative ways to solve them. Through our experience and depth of product offerings, we look forward to helping more of their customers succeed in finding the home loan finance they need.” Pepper Money Australian CEO Mario Rehayem

This is an important development for Pepper Money as it broadens our reach in the direct to consumer space and creates new cross sell opportunities between Kogan and Pepper Money. This agreement represents new opportunities, and a new way of thinking for Pepper Money.

Kogan Money Home Loans is expected to launch later in the year and will be the first of a suite of financial products and services to be rolled out under the Kogan Money brand.

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