Pepper Money commits $250,000 to bushfire relief around Australia

Posted: 13-01-2022

The destruction that the bushfires are causing across Australia is saddening us all. Our thoughts are with everybody affected by the fires, and we thank those who are working tirelessly to provide emergency assistance. 

In response, Pepper Money is undertaking a series of short-term and longer-term initiatives intended to assist communities affected by this natural disaster. Pepper Money will invest approximately $250,000 in bushfire relief over the next two years.

Our immediate response

Pepper Money has taken steps to ensure that all employees and their families are safe and that our impacted customers and partners are supported by reaching out to them directly with an offer of financial assistance.

The financial assistance offered to customers includes repayment holidays, waiving of fees and loan variations as required.

Pepper Money has donated $100,000 to the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal to help alleviate the immediate burdens being faced by communities living in the areas most heavily affected by the bushfires.

Our long-term support

Many bushfire-affected communities will need help to rebuild after the fire season. To assist bushfire affected communities with their longer-term recovery, Pepper Money will establish a program of work with the remaining funds from our $250,000 financial commitment to bushfire relief, combining financial assistance and employee volunteering over the next two years.

Our bushfire relief program will be shaped through discussions with our customers, employees and partners.

Pepper Money is dedicated to helping people succeed; it’s at the heart of what we do. Our team at Pepper Money is committed to standing with community organisations and helping them to flourish once again after the bushfires.

Mario Rehayem


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