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Posted: 27-04-2016

Pepper Group Limited (Pepper) has unveiled an exciting new initiative that will see its brand refreshed and its retail consumer lending name evolve to ‘Pepper Money’ both here in Australia and across the globe.

As a business, Pepper Money is backing the financial ambition of a broader and more diverse range of customers in a way that will see them enjoy success over the long term. 

By introducing their new branding Pepper is seeking to communicate clearly to consumers and business partners what Pepper stands for, in a way that make sense across countries and activities.  

The new branding has been developed from the inside out, to reflect those things that employees and customers value and in turn, demonstrate the value Pepper can provide in return over the long term.

For Pepper, this is more than just a logo change – this evolution brings the brand to life through everything it does. It represents how Pepper does business and informs all marketing activities in the future.

Back in 2000, Pepper was founded on the idea of satisfying an unmet need through innovation.  Pepper’s founders realised lending products did not have to come from banks or other traditional lenders and set about to challenge the accepted. 

The new consumer brand will support Pepper’s ever expanding range of  finance products including residential mortgages, auto and equipment loans and unsecured personal lending.

“As we continue to look for growth opportunities in our business and build on our suite of consumer finance products, we need a name that encompasses our broader offering. This change marks yet another exciting chapter in Pepper’s history.” Group CEO Mike Culhane 

Explaining the change process Pepper underwent, Chief Marketing Officer, Joanne Thrift said “To be a great global brand, you need to manage the brand from the inside out.  In changing our brand, we sought input from our leaders, managers and staff around the world to find out what they valued in terms of the brand. The aim was to create a distinctive, consistent and engaging expression of our brand, so that it would attract, motivate and retain employees, customers and shareholders.”  

There will be a staged rollout across 2016 with the Australian rebranding beginning in late April 2016 followed by our global offices over the next 12 months.

Pepper partnered with New Zealand brand agency, String Theory to evolve its retail facing brand to Pepper Money.The String Theory team has many years’ experience evolving major brands, such as Air New Zealand, Macquarie Group, Telecom Gen-i [evolved to Spark Digital], and Yellow Pages to Yellow.

For more information, please contact:

Melinda Hofman
Corporate Affairs Manager
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0438 855 991

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Our offices are located across Australasia, Asia and Europe.
With over $45.5 billion in assets under management as at 31 December 2015 – comprising $5.6 billion in lending assets and a servicing portfolio of $39.9 billion, we're a global leader in alternative solutions.
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