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  • Maximum LVR of 80% for Residential security and 75% for Commercial security
  • Maximum loan size of $3M (both Residential and Commercial securities)
  • Up to 30 year loan terms (with Interest Only available for up to 5 years) – no interest loading for Interest Only
  • Available to Corporate Trustees only 
  • The SMSF is required to have a minimum of $200k in assets at the time of application 
  • Rental income from investment property is accepted as income
  • Ability to refinance existing SMSF loans 
  • A liquidity test is not required  
  • Non-arm’s length lease agreements acceptable for Commercial security applications only
  • Top-up contributions (‘non-concessional’) are allowed for servicing the loan where contributions above the compulsory amount are evidenced as affordable and from recurring income streams 
  • Redraw available – twice a year per the anniversary of the loan, up to $50k at a time for repairs and maintenance of security property



Properties we can help finance

Residential investment
(single title)

Commercial (single title):
Office, Industrial, Retail

Boarding houses or rooming house
(single title)


What is the eligibility criteria?

  • Available to an SMSF with corporate trustees
  • Needs to be an established SMSF which is in a ‘compliant’ status with the ATO
  • Property must be a ‘single acquirable’ asset
  • Minimum net assets of the SMSF is $200k
  • Established SMSFs compliant with the SIS Act only acceptable


What others are asking about SMSF loans

An SMSF loan is a financial arrangement which allows an SMSF to borrow money to purchase an investment property. 

These SMSF loans allows the SMSF to invest in the property market and potentially create additional income and capital growth within their superannuation fund. SMSF loans can be a useful tool for Aussies seeking to grow their SMSF retirement savings through property investments. 

Plus, it may also be appealing for SMSF’s who have a strong understanding of the real estate property market. 

We could help SMSF borrowers who are looking to:

  • Purchase a commercial property for their business through their SMSF fund
  • Refinance their existing SMSF loan
  • Invest in property to generate wealth for retirement

It’s important to note that we only lend to SMSFs with a company as trustee.

Loans for SMSF borrowers can be more complex due to requirements under Australian superannuation and taxation law. When investing in property through an SMSF loan, it's important to keep in mind that loans for SMSF borrowers can be more complex compared to traditional mortgages or commercial property loans.

Before you can apply for an SMSF loan, you need to have an existing self-managed superannuation fund in place. This includes setting up a separate trust to hold the property.

To navigate the details of SMSF lending, it’s recommended that you obtain independent financial, legal and tax advice about this specific type of financing.

If you are looking for an SMSF loan, enquire now and talk to a Pepper Money Lending Specialist about applying for an SMSF loan. 


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People ask a lot of questions about how to use their self-managed super fund when it comes to property. If property investment through an SMSF is something you are interested in but don’t know much about, we recommend you talk to an expert.

A financial adviser who specialises in SMSFs can take you through what you can and can’t do and how to set yourself up for success and meet superannuation law requirements. 


The important legal bits

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