Debit card changes 2022


Why are you making this change?

In order to streamline our debit card solution, we have removed the Eftpos feature from our cards and have switched to a single scheme Visa Debit card. Visa has a broader reach and can be used internationally, online and for contactless payments.

We made this decision based on low usage of Eftpos features across our card holders.


How do I access cash using my debit card?

As part of these changes, you will still be able to get cash out at selected supermarkets or merchants. However, you can withdraw cash at any ATM where Visa is accepted in Australia and around the world.


What retailers can be used for cash out?

Cash out at POS will only be available at the Woolworths Group of Merchants, including Woolworths Supermarkets, Big W, BSW, Dan Murphy’s Cellarmasters, Langton’s and ALH Group. You will not be able to use you card for the purpose of taking cash out in any other store.


Will I get charged for using the credit button at eftpos terminals?

No. Your card is still a debit card and you’re still spending your own money - it doesn’t attract any credit card interest or credit card fees. Choosing the credit button simply routes the transaction to VISA. In some instances, there may be a surcharge for using VISA at some venues.


Will my card number and PIN change?

Yes. We will commence issuing new cards late February 2022, you should receive your card by mid-March 2022.


Do I need to do anything?

If you have any recurring direct debit arrangement or existing instalment payments, you will need to update them for the new card number when it arrives.


Why do I need the card?

If you have additional funds available to you in your home loan offset sub-account your Visa Debit Card is a convenient way to access these funds.

You can find out more about accessing these funds, along with the pros and cons, in our guide to accessing redraw.

How do I check my available funds?

You can check your available funds via If you don’t have an online account, give us a call.


How do I activate my Visa debit card?

Activate your Visa debit card by calling 137 377 and following the prompts. You will be required to provide the following:

  • Customer identification number (7 digit access number used for online access)
  • Last 4 digits of the Visa debit card
  • Date of birth
  • CVC (3 digit number on the back of the Visa debit card)


What if I don’t activate the card?

Your existing card will be cancelled in April 2022, and your new card will remain inactive until you activate it. An activation reminder will be sent to before your existing card is cancelled.


Can I change the PIN?

You can change your PIN via If you don’t have an online account, give us a call.


What do I do If I’ve forgotten my account card PIN?

You can login to the online portal and update your PIN. (You don’t need to know the existing PIN). Another option is to call us on 137 377 to request a new PIN be posted to your mailing address.


Will my card limit change?

No, it remains at $5,000 assuming you have the funds available in your offset sub-account.


What are the daily limits?

$1020 daily inclusive of fees


Can I use the card online?

Yes, you can.


Will I need to update my Direct debit arrangements?

You will need to update any recurring direct debit arrangements or existing instalment payments for your new card number when it arrives.


Will all parties to the loan get a new card?

All parties that already have a card will be issued a new one.


How can I arrange for another party to the loan to get a card?

They can give us a call on 137 377.


Can I get Medicare refunds to my card?

This functionality won’t be available on your new card, however you can receive your rebates by registering your chosen bank account details directly with Medicare or MyGov.

Visa Debit card is issued by Indue Limited ABN 97 087 822 464 and distributed by Pepper Finance Corporation Limited ACN 094 317 647 and/or through Pepper Money accredited mortgage brokers. 

Refer to the Conditions of Use and Target Market Determination (TMD).

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