Customer Stories

We understand that everyone's situation is unique.

Whether you’ve experienced an unexpected life event, started a business, or the banks have already turned you down, we have a range of options that could help make your home loan dreams become a reality.

Our customer stories showcase the real life situation behind the application – we’re delighted to introduce some of the customers we’ve helped succeed.





  • Josef and wife have always wanted to achieve home ownership since moving to Australia but encountered financial hardships.
  • He found a property he liked and set his eyes on purchasing a new home for his young family.
  • However, since his application was turned away by the bank, he had to find another option.
  • Pepper Money worked with Josef to understand his individual situation, and work towards a solution.  


  • Megan just got out of a relationship which meant she had to sell the home she owned for a fresh start.
  • She was looking for a sense of security, and prior to Pepper Money, the banks were turning her away.
  • After buying her new home, she felt a sense of achievement, utmost gratitude, and a sense of relief.




  • Paula made the exciting move interstate to Perth and wanted to buy a new home, rather than rent.
  • She was turned away by major banks and was frustrated as she needed to find a place to live in.  
  • Pepper Money was introduced to her as an option, and we were able to help achieve her goal.  




  • Marieke needed help to fulfill her dream of relocating into a new home in the countryside.
  • Marieke thought that the existing bank she’s used for years would be able to help her out, but she was turned down.
  • Pepper Money was able to consider Marieke’s situation and helped achieve her dream of owning a new home with her pup by her side.



Sara and Jason

  • Sarah and Jason were looking for their dream house on the coast.
  • Their previous approval from the bank was turned down, as the bank’s rules and criteria had changed for self-employed and people who owned their business.
  • Pepper Money was able to consider the full picture, and efficiently help Sarah and Jason purchase their new little blue cottage. 



Steve and Kayla

  • Kayla is a Nurse and Steve is paramedic; Steve has always wanted an EV car, so Kayla decided to surprise him with one for his 30th birthday.
  • Steve is passionate about looking to be more sustainable for the future, and this was the perfect gift.
  • Pepper Money helped with all the details before getting Steve involved, and the result was friendly and helpful service. 


These case studies are not a testimonial and is provided for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Outcomes will vary depending on individual circumstances.

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