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We understand that everyone's situation is unique. Whether you’ve experienced an unexpected life event, started a business, or the banks have already turned you down, we have a range of options that could help make your home loan dreams become a reality.

Our customer stories showcase the real life situation behind the application – we’re delighted to introduce some of the customers we’ve helped succeed.




Father gets home loan to buy new house


  • Dan, fresh out of a divorce, faced the challenge of caring for his two young boys while searching for a new home.
  • Despite his twenty-year loyalty to the bank, he encountered setbacks due to his financial situation.
  • Pepper Money stepped in, offering understanding and a range of options, ultimately helping Dan get back on track and buy a new home.



Husband gets help from non-bank lender


  • Josef and wife have always wanted to achieve home ownership since moving to Australia but encountered financial hardships.
  • He found a property he liked and set his eyes on purchasing a new home for his young family.
  • However, since his application was turned away by the bank, he had to find another option.
  • Pepper Money worked with Josef to understand his individual situation, and work towards a solution.  
Woman gets home loan to purchase new house


  • Megan just got out of a relationship which meant she had to sell the home she owned for a fresh start.
  • She was looking for a sense of security, and prior to Pepper Money, the banks were turning her away.
  • After buying her new home, she felt a sense of achievement, utmost gratitude, and a sense of relief.



Borrower gets turned down by bank


  • Paula made the exciting move interstate to Perth and wanted to buy a new home, rather than rent.
  • She was turned away by major banks and was frustrated as she needed to find a place to live in.  
  • Pepper Money was introduced to her as an option, and we were able to help achieve her goal.  



Borrower now owns her own home


  • Marieke needed help to fulfill her dream of relocating into a new home in the countryside.
  • Marieke thought that the existing bank she’s used for years would be able to help her out, but she was turned down.
  • Pepper Money was able to consider Marieke’s situation and helped achieve her dream of owning a new home with her pup by her side.



Self-employed couple buys their dream home

Sara and Jason

  • Sarah and Jason were looking for their dream house on the coast.
  • Their previous approval from the bank was turned down, as the bank’s rules and criteria had changed for self-employed and people who owned their business.
  • Pepper Money was able to consider the full picture, and efficiently help Sarah and Jason purchase their new little blue cottage. 



Woman buys EV car for her boyfriend

Steve and Kayla

  • Kayla is a Nurse and Steve is paramedic; Steve has always wanted an EV car, so Kayla decided to surprise him with one for his 30th birthday.
  • Steve is passionate about looking to be more sustainable for the future, and this was the perfect gift.
  • Pepper Money helped with all the details before getting Steve involved, and the result was friendly and helpful service. 

All applications are subject to credit criteria. Terms, conditions, fees, and charges apply. Outcomes will vary depending on individual circumstances.

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Family celebrating in their new home

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Great ongoing service

I have been a Home loan customer of Pepper Money for sometime now and one of the things I really like about Pepper is that over the last few years they have worked with me to keep my interest rate competitive. Great customer service!

Michael, Adelaide
Made life easy!

The entire relationship was perfect, the loan was sanctioned Just in time. Documentation was not fussy, and straightforward. Costs were as per the market standard, and though I was worried about the due date for settlement, the process was good and done prior to the deadline.

James, Melbourne
Home loan heaven

Every time I had to deal with Pepper Money was a pleasant experience. Nothing was too difficult and the people I spoke with were friendly, easy to deal with and professional.

Noeleen, Western Australia
When the struggle is lifted finally

We had had been refused and knocked back by our big 4 lender several times and even mortgage brokers were reluctant to help us. We never once said we were perfect and new we had some past credit issues but they shouldn't have held us back from reaching our financial goal.

Jarrod, Goulburn Valley
Best phone call I made all year

I called up to change my address and ask a couple of admin questions and ended up speaking to a mortgage specialist called Mile who was informed, to the point and exhibited exemplary customer service.

Lisa, Sydney
Fantastic to deal with made everything so easy

Extremely satisfied with all there help and service great customer service always keeping me informed with what was going on with loan process will be recommending to all family and friends.

Pino, Victoria
Thank you for giving me a chance to have a home for my kids

Excellent customer service. Very grateful to ge customer of pepper. Was given a chance of getting a house loan when other banks would not even look at you been a single mum.

Olena, Perth


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